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Welcome to!  This website is not meant for profit of any kind in any way. I created this website because of my affinity for the Mk1 Scirocco (1974-1981). My hope is to provide a place where enthusiasts can find relevant technical information, and get ideas on how to maintain and modify their Mk1 Scirocco. Hopefully I can also convince those out there that haven’t owned one of these wonderfull cars to see what all the fuss is about :)            Currently I am blessed with a very nice low mileage Cosmos Silver 1981 Scirocco “S”  affectionately refered to as “Cosmos”. This site also shows my street legal rally car “Sonic” a school bus yellow Subaru WRX wagon and is a collection of my other hobbies not necessarily related to the Scirocco.                                                                                                                                                

If you have any questions or additions e-mail me at

Click on any images on this site to see them in full size.  Enjoy!!!!

Scirocco - variant of Sirocco: 1 a: a hot dust-laden wind from the Libyan deserts that blows on the northern Mediterranean coast chiefly in Italy, Malta, and Sicily. from Marriam-Websters Dictionary

Italian Design

German Engineering

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