Well, I finially decided to buy a new car...My first at that. As you can see, I bought a “Sonic Yellow” 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX wagon. The legendary “REX”! So far I am delighted with this little beast that agressively hauls more than just groceries.

After all the research, the WRX was by far the best car for the money.

The current VW’s were about the same quality level, more expensive, slower, handeled poorly, and had less to offer.

The Audi A4 and Volvo S40 were just out of my price range.

The Mini Cooper S was my second choice from the “fun factor” point of view but it wasn’t practical enough...and was actually slower with less performance potential..

Now you are probably scratching your head and asking, “if he is such a VW enthusiast, why did he buy a Subaru?”. Well, as much of a VW enthusiast as I am, I am first and formost an automotive enthusiast. I like cars with great performance figures or great style or originality. VW didn’t seem to meet any of these expectations for me so I didn’t buy one.  I would love to be the proud owner of an AWD Jetta GLI wagon (220+hp, lightweight, nimble, sport interior, etc, etc.....) for around $24K.  If VW had decided to make it and VW of America had tried to import it I would be driving one this very moment.  So since we all know that VW now cares more about the bottom line (or the top dollar cars) than the enthusiast Suburu will now have my business for the forseeable future. Hey, I got a free membership to SCCA and Suburu has been dominating in the WRC (World Rally Championship) for nearly a decade.  What has VW done in racing lately.....?!?! To me Subaru is a marque worth following. I will ALWAYS love the Scirocco.

Stay tuned for future modifications and adventure stories with my new WRX.

A Exploring the countryside ...WRX style.

A great shot, Two “Sonic Yellow” WRX’s. One sedan and my wagon. The yellow is a rare color and with the black leather interior it is even rarer.

Enjoying the honor of being invited to the exotic car corral at Infineon (Sears Point) Raceway. Must be the yellow, Heh!