IImage above of Craig’s car

New!!! Check out “Club Events” for upcoming car show on May 23rd, 2004

What's New?

The Scirocco 1 Club website was down for awhile but is back up again. After some problems with the host and my forgetfullness we are back online. Hopefully we can continue on without further interruption for awhile.

We would like to bring back the Featured Scirocco page. This is for all members worldwide! We are asking that if you have some pictures, a description, and the story of your car please e-mail me with them and I will feature it on the site, until then the Featured Scirocco page will be down due to lack of interest. See below for my e-mail address.

Autowerkstat is a great VW & Audi service shop in the SF Bay Area. It is run by Chris Lagattuta in San Jose. Visit his website for more information. If you are very picky about the quality of service your Scirocco or other VW/Audi receives and expect only the best...this is the place!


If you have any questions or coments, contact the webmaster Randy B. at Sirocco81@sbcglobal.net

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