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Wanna’ race??  :)

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Well there comes a time when you have to trade one good thing for another. I have decided to trade Mars for a more practical car, keeping the Scirocco tradition going with Cosmos

 I could think of no better person than Peter to pass Mars to, he is a good friend from Deleware and another die-hard Scirocco enthusiast. Check out his website at:

Cosmos will now get my undivided (automotively speeking) attention.

My new WRX “Sonic” is a brand new car with a 100K warranty and quite fast for a station wagonso it  will be left stock and duly maintained.

In order to avoid sinking another $7K into Cosmos just to get it to the level of Mars I decided to return Mars back to stock will all Cosmos’ parts and install all the go fast goodies from Mars into Cosmos. This way I can sell Mars for less as a project or stock example and turn Cosmos into a fast little Scirocco with very little out of pocket costs.

Here are some pic’s of the September 2003 weekend we did the engine transplants. A giant thanks to Craig for helping me with the swaps this weekend.!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mars was put on a transport September 14 for the 20 day trip to Deleware. Peter is now her new caretaker....I’m really gonna miss that little car.

I am going to keep this part of the site up for a little while longer until I figure out what  to do with the tech notes,,,If there are images you want to save, do it now for they wont be there much longer

1847cc now in Cosmos (the masking tape is just temporary until I can get the overflow bottle bolted down

stock 1715cc in Mars

Special Thanks to my good friend  Dirk for the bumpers/lights and much more!!!!!!

The European headlights and bumpers are now on Cosmos an look even better.

Mars & Cosmos together