My Scirocco.Org

My very first 81 Scirocco S. I owned this car from 88 till 93 and had to sell it to move to California for college. Even though the tearful parting was painful, it went to another Scirocco lover that traveled from Nebraska to Colorado to buy it sight unseen, I hope it is still running strong. I swore that I would again own another Scirocco S. Through the years I’ve owned 5 more finally settling on my current beautiful example “Cosmos”.

Taken the day after I bought my first Scirocco S. I purchased it from an old man that bought it for a grocery getter and it only had about 65K on it and was near mint inside and out, including a clean un-steam cleaned engine bay. The 81 VW diesel pickup next to it was my trusty but WAY underpowered daily driver.

The weeks after my purchase I enjoyed exploring the country side and mountains of Colorado, in fact I had taken the car as high as aprox. 12,000 ft. on a fire road in SW Colorado. I was driving in snow in July and almost got stuck.

Another picture of me and my Scirocco bonding. This car handled great sliding around those dirt roads.(That's why I kept the 13's on it)

Well all relationships must go through hard times and this one was no exception. A lady in a tuna boat (large american sedan) came around the corner before this one, over the double yellow line forcing me to sail off the road. I flew over a 4ft. high fence, through a field, over a small batholith of granite, through another fence, and shot back up on the road before coming to a scraping stop. The old hag never even stopped. (oh yeah forgot to mention: I was going around the same corner in the opposite direction (IN MY LANE) at about 60mph so had no choice but to shoot for the field to avoid either the head-on, or rolling the car sideways into the ditch.)

This is the proof if anyone was interested, Granite is much denser than sheetmetal.

A week later, and many wrecking yard trips, my Scirocco and I were back on the road to happiness. As you can see the damage was fairly extensive but luckily there was no damage to the chassis or suspension mounting points.

A couple years after my Baja experience I found this Kamei front spoiler at a Denver swap meet for $10 brand new in un-opened box with instructions and stickers, what a find. It does not look as good as the "S" spoiler but darn close.