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This is a page used to list stuff temporarily that is VW related and will change frequently. It will mainly be used to post information to VW forums and the like.


2000 VW Advanced Activity Concept

This was the VW concept truck introduced at the 2000 NAIAS. Powered by a twin turbocharged 313hp V-10 Diesel putting out a massive 555 pound-feet of torque @ 2000rpm. Other enhancements  include height-adjustable suspension, permanent 4WD, 6-sp automatic with manual tiptronic feature. Is this a VW that could send the Ram into hiding, the Triton back into the sea and the Yukon back up north?

VWís 1989/90 Golf Limited proves looks can be deceiving.

From what I have found out, The VW Golf Limited was created in 89/90 by VW Motorsports. It was powered by a 210hp 1.8L 16V G-60 supercharged motor. Power was put to the ground through a AWD synchro system. Itís outward appearance did not betray itís true intentions, it seemed a potent Q-ship.

I had the opportunity to ride in this car a couple of years back. To my knowledge it is the only example in the US and was imported by a company in Santa Cruz, CA. With 4 large adults in the car it was still incredibly fast and agile. With full leather interior, all the amenities and power and traction to top it off, it was a car set apart from the rest. With the body of a sheep, the rest just didnít know it. The best comparison I can think of today is the modern Audi S4. Click on the following pictures for more detail.







Scirocco movie

And for your Rallye fans, below is a collection of incredible videos of each season put to some great these,  watch them and enjoy the finest form of motor sport of all time...

Petter Solberg couldnít quite take the championship this year, Sebastian Loeb was truly a man on fire. Considering all the practice Iím getting putting ďSonicĒ through her paces in this wonderful CA rain Iím keeping my ears open for that phone call from Subaru asking me to take his place :)

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